Collapsible Buckets

As I’m sure you know already, one of the downsides to 5 gallon buckets is how big and bulky they are. This is why shipping them is so expensive and why I advocate finding free buckets from local shops.

But five gallon inventors have created a solution!


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Shoe Rack

Although summer is only a few weeks old, there’s an area just inside our front door that’s starting to collect summer shoes.


They didn’t arrive all at once, they slowly started accumulating a few weeks ago, and the pile grew slowly enough that we really didn’t notice until all of a sudden we were wading through shoes every time we went out to check the mail.

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Garden Hose Holder

Plenty of hose length is the modern homestead equivalent of the irrigation channels the Egyptians dug into the banks of the Nile when they were inventing civilization. But unlike the Egyptians’ floodwater ditches, garden hose can get out of hand!

5 old hoses I got for free from Freecycle

So for just as long as we’ve had garden hoses to tangle, we’ve been thinking up ways to keep hoses neat and tidy so you don’t trip over them or run them over with the lawn mower. And wouldn’t you know it, many of them are sized at five gallons. Continue reading

Square Buckets

reclaimed square bucket
Most buckets are round, but not every problem requires a cylindrical solution! In many cases, square buckets work better.

Since our buildings are by and large squares or rectangles, I theorize that square buckets are better for use indoors. When was the last time you looked in a commercial kitchen and saw round buckets filling their shelves?

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