Stainless Steel Buckets and Pots

Stainless steel is the apex of building materials – stronger than plastic and more weather resilient than metal or wood. For the best quality buckets available – heirloom buckets – nothing outclasses stainless steel.

A Disease Destroying Surface

Stainless steel is like Death Valley, Nevada for bacteria. Tiny life can’t find a purchase on its bright, smooth surface. That’s why commercial kitchens and surgery rooms are absolutely covered in SS. It’s best to use stainless steel any time where hygiene matters.

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Ash Bucket

Few people still heat with wood, but it’s still a very economical way to warm a building, especially with highly efficient fireplace inserts or new clean-burning technologies such as the rocket stove.

The most popular way to deal with excess of fireplace ash is in a nice sturdy metal ash bucket next have next to your fire area. Just make sure you never confuse your cremation urns with your ash buckets!


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Bucket Truck

Have you ever wanted to ride in a person-sized bucket, not over niagara falls – but up into the sky?

Probably not, but someone somewhere did have that vision and created the bucket truck.

Most people only see bucket trucks when there’s a downed power line – it’s a quicker and safer way to fix a blown transformer box than shimmying up a power pole with spiky boots and rope.

You’ll also hear them called “cherry pickers” by those who don’t speak electrician’s lingo.


This is the “girl next door” of bucket trucks — attractive yet attainable. It’s one of the most affordable bucket trucks ever sold.

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