Bucket Buddy: A wheelbarrow for buckets

bucket buddy wheelbarrow wheel barrow carrying five gallon bucket

What do you get when you cross a bucket dolly with a wheelbarrow? Answer: A bucket buddy! A bucket buddy, as you can see above, is essentially the design of a wheelbarrow, adopted for five gallon buckets. The bucket dolly can be useful in certain situations, but the bucket buddy is useful in others. Here are some situations where you’d rather have a bucket buddy than a bucket dolly:

  • You need to transport the bucket over long distances
  • You have two buckets
  • The buckets need to be transported over rough terrain

Using a bucket buddy is highly recommendable when you’re dealing with buckets filled to the brim with heavy items. You don’t want to hurt your back after all, or discover that the steel handle is not as sturdy as you thought it was. One advantage the bucket buddy gives is that you can transport two buckets by yourself while keeping one hand free to do something else.

Its low cost ensures that if you regularly need to transport buckets, the bucket buddy is a must have. It has one main disadvantage unfortunately: It takes up quite a lot of space. In an ideal world the bucket buddy could be folded up, but the design doesn’t allow for that. Nonetheless, this is a product we would greatly recommend, especially as you can buy it with free shipping on Amazon.

As mentioned earlier, if you’re interested in the bucket buddy, definitely check out our bucket dolly page too.

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3 thoughts on “Bucket Buddy: A wheelbarrow for buckets

  1. You have the handle on the wrong end. It should be near the axle. When you tilt the handle back, the weight of the bucket is on the axle for better balance.

  2. The handle is on the correct end, as this puts less load on the axle point, as the user is carrying part of the load. Having a ‘see-saw’ configuration puts double the bucket load on the axle point – the weight of the buckets, plus and equal amount of force from the user to tip them up. The balance of the device is better with the current configuration, hence why wheel barrows and air compressors both have their handles located as they do.

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