Drink Spillguard

Drinks near furniture or carpet or electronics are usually a bad idea. It’s not a matter of if a spill will make an unsightly stain that forever smells like old beer, but when. 



I have to credit my uncle with this idea. He makes his 5-year olds use a bucket spillguard like this. Those rambunctious kids would always spill their juice boxes everywhere so he told them that if they wanted to continue rotting their teeth with sugary beverages they’d have to drink them out of buckets while they played on the carpet.

Assuming the kids listen, every spilled beverage is now safely contained in the base of their spillguard bucket.

Since kids are small, a full sized bucket wasn’t practical. It would probably have been about the same height as they are. So he chose a small, shallower model – probably a 2 gallon.

I didn’t have any toddlers to test the idea on so instead here’s my brother who’s normally not allowed indoors, testing it out with a Granville Island Pale Ale.


A Better Method – Auto Sealing Bottles

Much less bulky than our beer bucket is my absolute favorite water bottle, the Contigo Autoseal. At 24-ounces, it’ll hold two beers and the way the lid is designed it’s impossible to spill anything.


Both the drinking spout and the airflow holes on the back are operated by a spring-loaded button in the rear. Once you take a swig of your drink, it pops back into place, locking it against spilling automatically so you never have to think about it.


As someone who’s lost an entire computer to spilled beverages, this bottle was worth every penny – and much, much more. Every time I knock it over without spilling a drop is another victory. You can get your own over on Amazon.

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