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Getting from point a to point b has never been easier. So some people are trying to make transportation challenging again by using nothing but 5 gallon buckets.

The “thunder bucket” is a famous bucket-based sailboat. It was entered into the under 50$ sailboat race in Texas. It didn’t win the race, but it won my heart. After it’s embarassing loss, it was sold for the cost of manufacturing it – just 29 dollars and 18 cents.

A much speedier boat uses this five gallon STEAM ENGINE. It’s using a 5 gallon drum as a water boiler. It’s probably the highest horsepower bucket around.

In the car segment of the transportation pie, you’ll usually find buckets being used for maintenence applications. Some guys might be looking at the babes in this shot, but my eyes are looking elsewhere.

If you’re traveling by foot like I do you can use a bucket as your backpack. I go grocery shopping with buckets myself – and I don’t even get THAT many strange looks.

Here’s a bicecly with bucket bicycle panniers. And once you’ve parked, they make a very handy kickstand.

You can carry a great deal more buckets with a bike if you pull them behind you in a trailer. Pedal to Petal in Victoria hauls up to 25 buckets in one load! That’s 400 pounds of bucket based cargo.

You’re not limited to using buckets for smaller cargo loads, in fact we packed up our entire household into buckets when moving to alberta. The pros even have a pallett stacking diagram that shows the most efficient way to ship loads of buckets.

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