Concrete Bucket Stool

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This easy 5 gallon stool is made with little more than concrete and dowels. A 5 gallon bucket provides a mold that sets the concrets, holding the dowels in place with enough strength that it can hold the weight of a person.



A drier concrete has a higher tensile strength – so using slightly less water while mixing it may make a stronger stool. That starts to address one of the  main concerns of this stool, that concrete isn’t as strong when suspended in this way as it would be in – say – a driveway. After too much use, the concrete around the dowels may begin to crumble if not properly reinforced.

If you don’t mind something a little more low rent, some simple bucket seating is cheaper and easier. Of course you won’t get as many comments from friends about your modern artistic flair.

The source for this tutorial is Homemade-Modern, where you can find many more pictures detailing every step of the process.

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