Pig nipple waterer

Here’s a great use for a five gallon bucket: A pig nipple waterer! A pig nipple waterer is comparable to the kind of device little pet hamsters drink from, but designed for a much larger animal. These devices are easy to attach to a bucket, making them very easy to use. A pig nipple water can have advantages over simply giving the pigs a trough do drink water from, the pigs will make less of a mess and you may not need as much space.

Make sure to place the pig nipple at a comfortable height for your pigs, as we did here above. A good pig nipple we use is this stainless steal one.

More ideas for pigs

We have more ideas that work well with pigs. To start with, did you know five gallon buckets work well as toys for pigs too? Here is the evidence, don’t these pigs look happy to you?

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