Starter Cord Repair

Remember that broken plastic bucket handle from yesterday? We already found a great new use for it.


Things break around the farm. They break a lot. If we had to go hire a repair guy or buy new parts every time something broke, repair costs would eat up all the egg money!

We’ve managed to invent cell phones the size of dog treats but for some reason you’ve still got to tug so hard when starting small motors that you can dislocate your shoulder doing so. Not to mention snap your ripcord.

Not realizing it had come off, we were halfway done tilling through a potato patch before we noticed it had gone missing. Now it’s somewhere mixed up in all that loose earth. Maybe next year it will turn up in a batch of mashed potatoes.

Fortunately we had this spare plastic bucket grip of the perfect size and shape. It even had holes through the middle for us to thread the rope through.


The cord’s a little shorter now, so it’s a little more difficult to start. At best this is a temporary fix until we can install a new starter cord. But we got the rest of that potato patch tilled!


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