Bucket Carrier

If you’re an experienced bucket wrangler you’ve probably at some point become dissatisfied with the stock carrying mechanism that comes with most buckets – its handle.

Fortunately you’ve got options when considering bucket transport. In this bucket carrier guide, I’ll run through just a few of the ways I’ve found to carry 5 gallons of fun around.

Bucket Backpacks

Bucket backpack

Ever noticed that you can squat three times as much weight as you can bench? That’s the same principle behind the bucket backpacks, a rare breed of bucket accessory frequently used by gold prospectors.

The Bucket Binder

This bucket straight jacket tightly binds your picnic bucket to the included back rack. It’s designed to securely fasten a standard bucket onto a quickly moving ATV or motorcycle.


The binder helps minimize the tilt and sway that other bucket carriers might suffer from. It’s distributed by Motorcycle Superstore.

The Bucket Sling

Originally designed to stand up to the strain of extremely strong mammals, the ultra heavy duty bucket sling is being used more and more by heavy industries requiring safe transportation of tools and materials.


bucket-sling-ropeAt home, this newly developed bucket harness is popular with homebrewers who use it to safely transport and hoist 5 gallon buckets and carboys full of precious fermented cargo.

Bucket Biking

Big Rigs and Cargo Ships can keep their 32′ long containers. Down at the human scale, all you need for cargo are 5 gallon buckets.

five gallon bike cargo

With a trailer in tow, a skilled bucket cyclist can cart up to 20 full buckets at a time.


Check our Bucket Panniers guide for details on how to set up your bike to handle 5 gallon buckets.

Bucket Barrow

The bucket hand cart isn’t a sprinter, it’s a marathon runner. For the long-distance bucket carry, you’ll want the help of mankind’s 2nd most important invention – the wheel.


bucket hand cart stairs

Find out how this bucket cart measures up against an old rusty wheelbarrow.

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