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five gallon bucket washing machine It’s very easy to make a five gallon washing machine, you just need the following ingredients:

  • Drill
  • Plunger
  • Five Gallon Bucket
  • Tight fitting lid

Make sure you use a brand-new, clean plunger for this project. Here’s a link to a cheap one on Amazon.

Building this unit is very simple, just take note of theseĀ 2 special design features that will make your washer work more effectively.

Tight entry hole Cut the hole in the bucket lid to fit the plunger handle snugly, to ensure water doesn’t find its way up and into your face.

Plunger holes Drill about a dozen 1/4″ on the sides and top of the plunger to allow the water a place to flow through.

If you skip this step, your plunger will buckle and won’t pump up and down smoothly.

An even simpler design

You can simplify this design drastically, just fill one or two buckets with soapy water and your laundry, and agitate your clothes thoroughly. See our article on hand washing in a 5 gallon bucket. hand washing in a bucket

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  5. About how long would this method take to wash clothes, and about how big of a load could I fit? I’d like to try it out but don’t want to over or under wash the clothing. If it isn’t enough for my use I can use a 20 gallon food grade container.

    • This washer fits a single set of clothing, two at the absolute most (depending on weight of material.) How long it takes to wash depends on how fast you pump and how long you let the clothes soak beforehand. You will probably be happier using a larger container, especially if you are hoping to wash your linens or a full week’s clothing all at once.

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  8. I have used a 5 gallon bucket with a plunger while stationed on board a carrier (before they had crew laundry facilities for our personal clothes). it works great. For larger loads like bedding a bigger bucket (like one I got that had been for chlorine) works even better.

  9. I am using this method. The holes you make in the plunger are to keep it from sticking to the bottom of the bucket by suction when you push down.

  10. I just made one of these out of a 5 gallon bucket. I am wondering how much detergent to use. I have high efficiency washing machine detergent and would be doing “full loads” (as much as I can) in the bucket. Thanks.

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