Hand Cart

A full 5 gallon bucket weighs 40 pounds. Sometimes that’s too much to carry on foot. Fortunately, there’s a bucket invention for every problem you can think of.

hand cart

This is the 5 gallon bucket hand cart. It turns any 5 gallon bucket into a mobile cargo hauler with a convenient tow bar.

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Bucket Carrier

If you’re an experienced bucket wrangler you’ve probably at some point become dissatisfied with the stock carrying mechanism that comes with most buckets – its handle.

Fortunately you’ve got options when considering bucket transport. In this bucket carrier guide, I’ll run through just a few of the ways I’ve found to carry 5 gallons of fun around.

Bucket Backpacks

Bucket backpack

Ever noticed that you can squat three times as much weight as you can bench? That’s the same principle behind the bucket backpacks, a rare breed of bucket accessory frequently used by gold prospectors. Continue reading


The “BucketPack”

Bucket backpack

A good bucket-compatible backpack is surprisingly hard to find. The “bucketpack” pictured above is from HuntGear.net, but does not seem to be available for purchase.

Why Bucket Backpacks are a Thing

People look for bucket backpacks when they want to carry materials such as rocks, soil, sharp objects – or even liquids. The inner bucket layer can get scratched, dirty and nasty while the backpack itself remains in good condition.

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Square Buckets

reclaimed square bucket
Most buckets are round, but not every problem requires a cylindrical solution! In many cases, square buckets work better.

Since our buildings are by and large squares or rectangles, I theorize that square buckets are better for use indoors. When was the last time you looked in a commercial kitchen and saw round buckets filling their shelves?

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Transportation with Buckets

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