Make Great Money with 5 Gallon Buckets!

It’s no secret how enthusiastic I am about buckets. Part of the reason is I’ve been making a living from them for quite a while. For four years myself and a team of amazing people have been building community while making great money in Victoria BC.

We’ve been privileged to make our living this way and now we want to share that with you. Here’s just a taste of what can be achieved in just 4 short years with no marketing. This is our current customer base.


I used to work in a windowless office all day and was developing back problems from sitting all day at 23. I had landed the supposed “dream office job” but my life was completely anemic. Like a drill sergeant, my alarm clock shouted me awake every morning. Every day I came home utterly drained and never had the energy to spend time on the ideas I had. I was living for other people, not myself. I wondered, is this what being a grown-up is all about? I felt that the freedom of youth had completely escaped me.

pedal to petalThat’s right around the time I got involved in small agriculture. I had always thought that a career in agriculture would involve terrible hours and slavish hard work. But I found a niche within agriculture that offers tremendous rates of pay compared to the vast majority of farmers. I want to share with you how you can easily make ten times the hourly rate of most farmers!

If you crave control over your own life, want to get involved in a meaningful, community building activity and a make a living at the same time, read on.

The Quickest Way
to Make Money in Agriculture

Start Bicycle Composting is a distillation of years of finding the fastest way I know to make money in agriculture. You can start earning money in just a few days. Compost is the true black gold!

compost-goldA bicycle compost company can be almost free to set up, extremely cheap to run, and extraordinarily profitable. This means you can get started today, and be in the black almost immediately, without any business debt, ever. 

Many of my readers have asked me about starting their own bicycle compost company. So I’ve just launched “Start Bicycle Composting” as a coherent response to all these emails. It shows you all the mistakes and tricks we discovered in four years of running one of world’s first bicycle compost companies, so there’s no need for you to stumble around in the dark and repeat our errors.

Easy to Get Started

Bicycle Composting requires almost no start-up capital or equipment – just a bicycle and and few 5 gallon buckets! This means you can get started right now.

Start Bicycle Composting will show you exactly how to market yourself successfully and get your business in the black right away. Some Bicycle Composters have started on as little as five dollars!

Two Time Sensitive Bonuses

For a limited time I’m including 2 bonuses with the basic manual.

  • The eye-catching flyer that helped us build our customer base up to 500 customers
  • The ad we use to get TONS of free offers for space to host compost without ever having to pay rent.

With these 2 documents, you won’t have to spend any money on marketing and you’ll have every tool you need. Later on, I’ll be including these marketing resources as part of an expanded “Bicycle Composting Marketing Plan” and they will no longer be available as part of the basic package.

Join the Compost Revolution!

We’ve already helped many get started on this revolutionary business idea, but we want to see bicycle composting really catch on. That’s why we need you to join the revolution! Put yourself on the map of people cycling to make a difference:

pedal-to-petal map

Start Bicycle Composting Today!

Most business consultants charge at least 90$/hr which is out of many people’s price range, especially when just starting out. I’ve assembled this package for the folks that want the most economical way possible to get a head start on this business.

I’m offering this manual to my first 200 customers for just 9$. I’m able to offer these materials cheaply because I’m packaging it into a digital download which costs less than a printed copy. I’m thrilled to be able to pass all these savings onto you.

Click below to start Bicycle Composting for just 9 dollars!

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60 day seal

We want to make sure that if you buy these materials you’re completely satisfied, so we’re offering a generous 60-day money back guarantee.

If you decide Bicycle Composting isn’t the right system for you, get a full refund at any time during the 60 days. So you’re free to download the whole thing just to try it out.

build a compost bin

Remember that the bonus materials I’m offering aren’t going to be included in future versions of this manual, and the 9$ price is only for the first 200 customers. Don’t miss out by waiting on this! If you’re interested please make sure you secure your copy now.

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Do this for your health, do it for your community and do it for the money you’ll make. You won’t believe that you’re getting paid for having so much fun.

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