About the Author


I was born and raised in the Netherlands, where I have enjoyed growing my own food for years, starting as a child when I began growing potatoes with my father. If you’ve ever seen the Netherlands, you might understand why I grow so much food in buckets: The soil here can get very wet!

The Dutch have a reputation for being frugal and I definitely try to live up to it. Look around on the site and you will discover many new ways I came up with to use five gallon buckets to grow food and save money. I use them to store food as well.

It’s not hard for me to come up with new ideas, because I enjoy growing many different crops and I like to try out a lot of new things. I didn’t come up with everything you see here, many of my articles actually started out with suggestions from readers.

If you enjoy this site and find it useful, I’m always happy to hear it. Five Gallon Ideas has thousands of visitors every month, but I still read all your comments here, so whenever you have information to share, it’s always appreciated. You can also send an email if you’d like.