Fire Extinguisher

Back in the 1800s, everyone knew what these bright red buckets meant. They were as easily recognizable then as stop signs are today.


You’re looking at the original “bucket brigade.” That was the name given to teams of firefighters who fought fires with buckets just like these – and not all that long ago either.

Out of respect to the bucket brigade system, our slick and cylindrical modern fire extinguishers are still painted the same bright red color.

Buckets are still putting out fires all over the world, although countries with long paved stretches of road have mostly replaced bucket brigades with firetrucks.


Fire buckets are mostly sold as antique items, and many of them are really showing their age.

But don’t write the fire bucket off just yet! American business has done what American business does best and is selling this piece of culture back to us with the kind of retro design that makes you say “I kind of want one of those!”


So the fire bucketĀ does live on in America, and it’s doing roughly the same job now it was then.

The “Fire Bucket Ashtray” is made by UK Suck, and sold on

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