Paint Can Pour Spout

If you’ve ever found yourself frustrated with keeping a bucket of paint clean, pop on one of these spouts. This simple bit of plastic does several things for you simultaneously.


Why I Always Use a Pour Spout when Painting

  1. Keeps your paint rim clean so that you won’t have to force your lid on.
  2. Convienent pour spout for dumping paint cleanly into a paint tray.
  3. Straight piece for wiping excess paint off paint brushes or stir sticks.
  4. Some models include magnet grips for brushes.
  5. Separate lid to store paint overnight during a project.

Not every pour spout has the wipe arm – so be sure to check! Our favorite model for both usefulness and price is the Allway. 


We’ve had the same Allway paint can pour spout so long that it’s built up multi-colored layers of buildup. For a satisfying thrill, these layers are easy to peel off the smooth plastic once dry.


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