Bucket Multitool

I help run a bucket-based compost project where lids sealing too tight are our customers’ #1 complaint. How’s this for a concept – a bucket that opens itself!

Well today we’re one step closer to that utopian vision, with this great bucket opener and multitool that clasps around the bucket’s handle so you always know where to find it.


The Perfect Painter’s Partner

If opening 5 gallon buckets weren’t enough, it’s got a rounded pry bar that will make short work of even a rusted shut paint can lid. And unlike the clunky flathead screwdriver you’ve been using until now, it slips comfortably in a pair of painter’s pants.


The back end is kept flat to give you something to a hammer surface. Good for sealing up any lid to keep your contents fresh – whether you’re storing paint or pickles.

Get a Grip

The handle grip itself is the best I’ve tried so far due to its rubberized hold and thick sturdy construction. Small clasps lock the handle in place so it can’t fall off even when left upside-down. Carrying heavy loads of wet compost or sand around is so easy now it’s hard to imagine doing without.


Try One Out

Right now the bucket multi tool is only available on the Workshop Solutions Amazon store. They come in packs of 4 so you can outfit several buckets at once or give some away to friends.

bucket-opener-and-multitoolDisclosure: this is a sponsored post, see our disclosure page for more information.

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