Not only do buckets belong on every shelf in your house, they are perfectly capable of being the shelves themselves!

The most well-know bucket shelving was at the Occupy Wall Street “people’s library.” The entire library was designed to be packed up at a moment’s notice if the police cracked down on protesters.

bucket library

The biggest reason to use buckets for shelving are their portability. 

I remember spending hours with a sledge hammer when we broke down our shelves in Denver. Those shelves were lovingly custom crafted out of heavy oak water bed boards. I think they ended up as firewood. If they had been made of something repurposable like a 5 gallon bucket, I guarantee their component parts would still be with us today.

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Gamma Seal Lids

The Problem with Snap Lids

bucket opener 5 gallon

Taking standard snap lids off of 5 gallon buckets is extraordinary difficult. I’ve encountered lids that have taken ten minutes and several rest periods to get off. The trick is actually to pull out on the rim rather than up.

Several inventions have hit your local bucket outlet to deal with this problem, including the bucket opener pictured to the left. It opens buckets in under a second, and saves your fingertips for another day. Check out our bucket wrench article if it suits your fancy.

The Solution: Spinning Lids

For a more permanent solution, here’s the Gamma seal lid. It screws on and comes with its own grips  to make screwing and unscrewing easier. Gamma seal lids are much easier to open, yet are just as waterproof as your vanilla bucket.


Gamma seal lids come in two parts, the rim and the center piece. The rim is affixed permanently to the bucket, with help of a rubber mallet. Continue reading

Computer Desk

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