Fashion Accessory: The Bucket Bag

woman with 5 gallon bucket bagAt some point in the last year, fashionable women started carrying buckets around. Not your traditional all purpose 5 gallon white bucket, but a leather version called a “bucket bag.”


These units, identical in capacity to normal buckets, cost between 20 and 100 times as much.

I imagine that they are popular because of their cavernous size. You should be able to fit a bottle of skin lotion, 2 extra sweaters, 5 pounds of makeup, and a small dog in one. With room left over.

This is one fashion trend I am fully behind. I hope someday buckets are even trendier!

For a gorgeous example of a bucket bag, look at this Ceyue bag. This is not just any bucket bag, it has a gorgeous pink motif and gold hardware, for an affordable price.

Update:  I found yet more photographic evidence that buckets are now fashionable.

fashion bucket

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