List of Plastic Bucket Manufacturers

This is an attempt at a comprehensive list of plastic bucket manufacturers in the United States and Canada. All entries will be accompanied with as many important details as possible – inculding website URL, manufacturing location, and where to get them.

plastic bucket manufacturers

Know of a manufacturer not listed here? Send it in! We need your help to get to know them all.

In order to not play favorites, entries are in alphabetical order.

Affordable Buckets

  • Manufactured in USA (Iowa)
  • All new buckets are food grade except black.
  • Discounts for bulk orders and recycled buckets

Encore Plastics

  • Manufactured in USA
  • Food Grade
  • Available from multiple online vendors
  • Available at Lowes locations

Home Depot

  • Sells America’s favorite orange bucket
  • see Leaktite

Great Western Containers



  • Manufactured in USA
  • Bulk sales only
  • Offers 9-color bucket printing



  • Manufactured Worldwide
  • Available everywhere
  • Specialize in storage totes and consumer buckets.


  • Manufactured in USA
  • Available everywhere
  • Specialize in storage totes

U.S. Plastics

Small Plastic Bucket Manufacturers

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  1. Bway- Chicago, IL; Plastican-Leominster,MA; Ropak-Toronto,Ontario; M&M- Chattanoga, TN; Century- Ohio, USA; IPL- Quebec City, ICL – Toronto; Rehrig Pacific- Erie, PA; Berry Plastics- Ohio; AB Container- (distributor) Enfield, CT

    • Jokey Plastics North America – Goderich, Ontario and Container Experts also known as Consolidated Containers Kansas City, MO.

  2. Looking for supplier to be a drop-shipper as follows:
    1. Make + label 5-gal non-food buckets (small runs), 100-500 at a time and ship to me (small lots, no dock) and larger orders to Amazon for distribution
    2. Receive buckets & labels, put labels on buckets (buckets prepped / cleaned of mold-release agents, ready for adhesive).. ship as above
    3. Supply buckets to me, cleaned as noted above so no secondary process is needed.. I will assemble and ship

  3. Hello, I have a U.S. patent for a integrated roller ramp molded to the underside of a five gallon bucket lid that holds paint. I have prototypes and i have attended a local trade show. Every one that seen my booth was amazed and asked me when are the paint stores going to start using the new lids. I said as soon as I can stop getting the run around from bucket manufacturers. I was told when one company starts using thim thin all paint companies will follow. Because successful business doesn’t want to be left behind with outdated materials. If anyone wants to see my invention/patent email me at [email protected]

  4. I would like to offer my submission of the Pale Pal, which is a strap that goes around the bottom of a bucket and provides a second handle. I think it would be a good product for your stores. I presently hold a design patent #US D704,937 S. The description is a polypropylene strap that goes around the bottom of a large bucket or a small pail. It is operated with a cam lock buckle with a handle sewn on the opposite side of the cam lock buckle. It is adjustable to fit any size bucket or any shape container. The list of possible uses is endless. Some examples are; paint, hydraulic oil, food, water, farm, kennels, gardening, construction, factories, grocery stores, etc… This is especially suited for the handicapped and elderly. To view a video of this item please go to YouTube and search “pailpal 720”.

    Robert D. Cutler
    819N. 1700E. Road
    Lakewood, Il. 62438
    217-783-2669 (home)
    217-246-3116 (business)

  5. Hello,
    Needing full truckload of 5 gallon, 90 mil plastic pails, in colors, with lids. Delivery to Florida. Email to provided address if interested. Thanks.

  6. Hey all,

    If anyone needs help finding trucks for shipping any of this PLEASE CALL ME I have vans, flats, steps, you name it all over the country. Let me save you some money.
    Call me if you need anything 24/7:
    513-831-2600 ext 55948

  7. Hi all
    I am looking for a plastic bucket manufacturer in the USA that has distribution channels in the paint sundries. They must be interested in buying or licensing my multiple utility patents. This product has been feild tested and has made the short list of hot new products at multiple National Hardware Shows. Serious inquiries only please.
    Thanks John

    • Dear boss,
      We are Jiang Su Pro-design Co.,LTD which is one of the most distinguished manufacturers of the plastic storage industry.
      Application and industries: paint and coating, lubricate industries, ink & printing industry, food industry, and chemical industry.
      Our factory have achieved the ISO9001-2008 manager systems  certification and all our products have pass the TAF,IAF and especially our food grade plastic container have got the QS certification.
      Above all, we want to cooperate with you and your company with both party achieving benefit.Thanks!
      Best wishes

      Jiang Su Pro-design Co.,LTD
      Address: No.368 Middle Yangguang Road,Zhang Pu Town, KunShan City,JiangSu Province,China.
      Mob: +86 13141804081  
      Whatsapp:+86131 4180 4081
      Email: [email protected]

  8. I’m looking for rectangular buckets. I’ve checked all over the world. I know they are made because I’be seen them. Can anyone help me?

  9. I have a idea that I’m looking for manufactures that might be interested in a new product . Email me and I will toss you my idea

  10. I’m the inventor of the Last Drop Paint Bucket and I’m aggressively looking for someone to licenses my product from me.
    Serious people only please.
    Thank you, Sandy

    • hi Sandy I also have a patent-pending idea involving a bucket and I was just wondering I’m just starting out if you receiving any responses?

  11. Looking for a manufacturer of 5 gallon plastic pails w/ lids. You can buy them at home depot for $3/pail. Looking for about $1.50 – $2.00/pail, 1000 needed to start, but will buy more extensively Any quotes? Please email me at [email protected]

  12. Looking for a company that all ready supplies buckets to a non brand laundry detergent manufacturer in or around chicago il or st louis mo area. I’m looking to be a supplier of the laundry detergent but cant find the company. Usually have 5-7 different color bu jets with several different color lids and then 5 gallon pumps.

  13. We are handle manufacturer used for pail/ container made out of GI WIRE, provided with loose grip (made of food grade PP.)
    please contact on the given email id for your requirement. We can provide you handles at very competitive price.

    Akshay Kocher

  14. We can fill large orders of 90 mil Food grade 5 gallon plastic containers produced in Mexico by multi billion dollar manufacturer.
    FOB Mexico City
    US warehousing
    Terms 1% ten,
    500m to 10mm

    • Hello, I’m looking for a local supply of 5gal buckets (food grade and non-food grade) for creating bucket water filters in a rural community outside Puebla. It’s been very challenging to find buckets at a reasonable rate!
      We are looking to order a minimum of 100 buckets. Could you please post your business’ details so I can either call or email you directly?
      Thank you so much,
      Beverly R.

  15. We have a Kase 6000 previously owned 6 color pail labeler available for purchase. Contact me for more info.

  16. Howdy, Argee Corporation manufactures buckets here in the USA. Can we get a listing on this page as well?

    We offer private logo printing and many sizes and colors.


  17. Looking for a manufacturer of a 6 gallon plastic bucket with medal handle that can do custom logo printing and provide a snap on lid that is easy to get on and off. Will be used for softballs. Looking for 500 to 700 buckets.

  18. Hi,
    I work for a distribution company and we are looking to private label 5-gallon buckets. Does anyone know of a manufacturer that would be interesting?

    • Hello Emmanuel,

      I have a large volume of New Top Quality 5 Gallon Pails with Spout Lids available at a very aggressive discounted price.

      Please feel free to give me a call at 239.298.6742.

      Thanks, Chris

  19. I am having trouble finding plain (no label/unmarked) 5-gallon paint buckets in Ontario (or anywhere online, really). I am a teacher and need these for my classroom. Any help would be much appreciated (I only need 6 buckets!). Thank you.

  20. In north Dallas Tx…. We purchased our first truckload of 5 gallon plastic regrind black buckets with lids…. Will be looking ro purchase another truckload, 6500 buckets in near future…. Would love to get quotes…. Thanks

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