Tool Organizer

Tool organizers are the single most popular bucket accessory out there. These versatile utility covers slip onto a 5 gallon bucket similar to how you would put on a very large tool belt or tool vest.

tool organizer

In fact tool organizers are so popular that you can get ones specifically designed for the types of tools you’re holding – whether you’re a contractor, gardener, or even a seamstress!

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Bucket Wrench

sealed bucket lidIf you’ve ever spent several minutes wrestling with a well sealed snap lid you may have experienced what I call “bucket fingers.

There’s actually a trick to opening a bucket lid. Pull out on the lip rather than up. But some lids are so stubborn that even this secret pro bucket-wrangler technique isn’t enough.

Prior to using a bucket wrench, I used to get such bad bucket fingers that for a while I’d lose the feeling in my finger tips!

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Float Valve

 Looking to get float valves shipped to your door? Jump to the bottom of the article for our recommendations.

Have you seen “the most useless machine in the world?”

When you turn it on, a little arm pops out to turn itself off again. It’s the funniest feat of human engineering so far.

But not all devices that exist to switch themselves off are “useless.” A float valve is one great example.

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