Bucket Multitool

I help run a bucket-based compost project where lids sealing too tight are our customers’ #1 complaint. How’s this for a concept – a bucket that opens itself!

Well today we’re one step closer to that utopian vision, with this great bucket opener and multitool that clasps around the bucket’s handle so you always know where to find it.

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Grit Guarded Car Cleaning

Anyone who’s had the summertime pleasure of washing their car by hand knows about grit in your wash bucket. All that gunk you just worked hard to wipe off eddies right back onto your cleaning sponge to leave streaks and scratches on your finish.

car washing with bucket and grit guard

Scratches on your finish are unacceptable! After all, if you don’t care about scratches why are you washing your car by hand in the first place? Might as well just pay a big drive-through machine 5 bucks to scrub your car down for you. Continue reading

Paint Roller Storage

Compared to even a large paintbrush, using a roller is such an easy way to paint a large area! Especially if you paint your walls flat on the ground before nailing them up.


But rolling comes with its own set of drawbacks. The biggest is that your rollers can dry out and become practically unusable if stored improperly. Painting with a crusty roller is like trying to brush your teeth the wrong end of a toothbrush – frustrating and pointless.

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Pail Liner

I used to wash 15 buckets a day back when I picked up compostable food scraps in 5 gallon buckets in Victoria. The buckets had to be clean enough to sit for the next week in an office environment without stinking. It would take me 1 hour to wash those 15 buckets.

Then I started lining those pails with paper before I dropped them off for people. All of a sudden, clean-up time for those 20 buckets shrunk from a full hour to less than 15 minutes! My workload was cut by a factor of 4, just because I took 10 seconds to line my pails.


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