Bucket Buddy: A wheelbarrow for buckets

bucket buddy wheelbarrow wheel barrow carrying five gallon bucket

What do you get when you cross a bucket dolly with a wheelbarrow? Answer: A bucket buddy! A bucket buddy, as you can see above, is essentially the design of a wheelbarrow, adopted for five gallon buckets. The bucket dolly can be useful in certain situations, but the bucket buddy is useful in others. Here are some situations where you’d rather have a bucket buddy than a bucket dolly:

  • You need to transport the bucket over long distances
  • You have two buckets
  • The buckets need to be transported over rough terrain

Using a bucket buddy is highly recommendable when you’re dealing with buckets filled to the brim with heavy items. You don’t want to hurt your back after all, or discover that the steel handle is not as sturdy as you thought it was. One advantage the bucket buddy gives is that you can transport two buckets by yourself while keeping one hand free to do something else.

Its low cost ensures that if you regularly need to transport buckets, the bucket buddy is a must have. It has one main disadvantage unfortunately: It takes up quite a lot of space. In an ideal world the bucket buddy could be folded up, but the design doesn’t allow for that. Nonetheless, this is a product we would greatly recommend, especially as you can buy it with free shipping on Amazon.

As mentioned earlier, if you’re interested in the bucket buddy, definitely check out our bucket dolly page too.

Fishing Bait container

bait bucket lid

When you go out fishing, you may want to bring bait with you. You can turn a five gallon bucket into a great effective bait container, by using a bait bucket lid. The one you see above here is great, as you can adjust it to fit onto buckets of different sizes. Whether you’re using a 4.25, a 5 or a 6 gallon bucket, this lid will fit on well.

fishing bait bucket

There are other options available too however. Depending on the conditions, you may wish to keep your bait cool for an extended period of time. The solution to this is an insulated fishing bait bucket. This one comes complete with its own bucket.

Fishing bucket organizer

fishing bucket organizer five gallon equipment

If you’re going out fishing, you might not just want a fishing bait container, but your very own fishing bucket with all your relevant equipment too. If you plan on getting your own fishing bucket, be sure to consider getting a fishing bucket organizer, to place over your five gallon bucket. These organizers are very useful to place on your five gallon bucket, as they allow you to carry your maps, licenses and other equipment visible but dry.

Pig nipple waterer

Here’s a great use for a five gallon bucket: A pig nipple waterer! A pig nipple waterer is comparable to the kind of device little pet hamsters drink from, but designed for a much larger animal. These devices are easy to attach to a bucket, making them very easy to use. A pig nipple water can have advantages over simply giving the pigs a trough do drink water from, the pigs will make less of a mess and you may not need as much space.

Make sure to place the pig nipple at a comfortable height for your pigs, as we did here above. A good pig nipple we use is this stainless steal one.

More ideas for pigs

We have more ideas that work well with pigs. To start with, did you know five gallon buckets work well as toys for pigs too? Here is the evidence, don’t these pigs look happy to you?

Airtight Lid with a Valve! Sits inside bucket!

We were sent a few of these very unusual bucket lids from Jess at Planetary Design to test. What makes them unlike other 5 gallon bucket lids (such as the very popular Gamma Seal lid) is that the lid actually sits INSIDE the bucket.

Technically that would make it a bucket INSERT that serves the same role as a lid, paradoxically occupying some sort of theoretical demilitarized zone between the two extremes.

sealing valve lid

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Double Bucket Wash Method & Dirt Dropper

Washing a vehicle is easy to learn, but takes skill to fully master. This intermediate level vehicle washing tutorial is especially useful for larger vehicles such as RVs and trucks.

Tools to Get You Started

  • Pick a brush with the right texture for your type of use. An ideal brush will have soft tip bristles that wrap around the support block.


  • Combination wash and wax soap – find the best suited to cut through typical road grime in your area – such at XYZ (recommend a soap product here?)
  • At least one clean bucket with optional dolly. If you have two you can take it to the next level and dedicate one for wash water and one for rinse.
  • An immersion dirt remover such as the Dirt Dropper picture below.

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