Home Excavation

One of our readers, John Carroll, sent in this amazing project that he’s been spending his evenings and weekends on for the past few years.

He is transforming his 5′ crawlspace into a full 8′ basement – removing the subsoil beneath his house one bucket at a time.


Ordinarily an excavation process like this is an enormously expensive undertaking. You’ve probably heard of “popping the top” off a house. That’s when a homeowner, often at great expense, lifts the roof from his house and builds a second story into the space between the roof and the first story.

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Tool Organizer

Tool organizers are the single most popular bucket accessory out there. These versatile utility covers slip onto a 5 gallon bucket similar to how you would put on a very large tool belt or tool vest.

tool organizer

In fact tool organizers are so popular that you can get ones specifically designed for the types of tools you’re holding – whether you’re a contractor, gardener, or even a seamstress!

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Bucket Truck

Have you ever wanted to ride in a person-sized bucket, not over niagara falls – but up into the sky?

Probably not, but someone somewhere did have that vision and created the bucket truck.

Most people only see bucket trucks when there’s a downed power line – it’s a quicker and safer way to fix a blown transformer box than shimmying up a power pole with spiky boots and rope.

You’ll also hear them called “cherry pickers” by those who don’t speak electrician’s lingo.


This is the “girl next door” of bucket trucks — attractive yet attainable. It’s one of the most affordable bucket trucks ever sold.

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Cinder Block

Some trailers come with their own support that keeps them up so their hitch doesn’t drag along the ground. For those that don’t, I often see them propped up with either a cinder block or a 5 gallon bucket.


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