DIY Lightbox

Ever wonder how those great photos with the pure white backgrounds on websites like Amazon or Apple are taken? It’s almost as if these pictures are taken by heavenly photographers against a backdrop of pure light.

lightbox-photoBet you never thought the answer could be a 5 gallon bucket.

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Parabolic Microphone

Reporting from Vancouver today with something I’ve never seen before – a 5 gallon bucket parabolic microphone!

I stared awestruck at this proud recording equipment today, cursing myself for not bringing a camera. This would have been the first bucket parabolic microphone on the internet.

What is a Parabolic Microphone?

A parabolic microphone looks like a satellite dish. It’s primarily used to collect and amplify ambient noise, such as the stadium noise being collected here.


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Corn Cleaner

corn cleaner

Did you know that commodity corn is now so cheap that people burn it in pellet stoves to heat their houses? Corn has become a cheaper source of BTUs than sawdust.

Of course if you’re buying bushels of corn from your friendly local farmer, you’ll want to clean it before stuffing in your pellet stove and setting it ablaze. Clean corn means a clean burn!

That’s why the folks at have developed the corn cleaner. All you needs is a wet/dry vac and a 5 gallon bucket. This sucker will eat through a pickup truck of corn in 45 minutes.

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Grain Grinder

nutrimill grinderPreviously we’ve shared the 5 gallon grain thresher, which separates – literally – the wheat from the chaff.

But naturally you’ll want to grind that raw wheat up into flour, right?

This is the Nutrigrain grinder, which works with the optional bagger to bag flour neatly into a 5 gallon bucket.

If you’ve ever ground your own flour you know how much of a mess it creates. One misplaced breath will cover you and your kitchen with a fine coating of white dust.

This flour bagger was created to solve that most irritating problem.

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iPhone Tripod

It’s great that these new smart phones can take such incredible video, audio and pictures. In the past it took tens of thousands of dollars in equipment to produce the video quality that today is available to anyone with pants pockets and a cellular plan.

But I’ve always found taking video frustrating because that incredible camera is trapped within an awkward little wafer that can’t be mounted on any tripod that I’m aware of.

So I’ve taken the ultra-thin design that Steve Jobs spent half his life working toward and made it huge and clunky again!

mason jar tripod

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