Bucket Seat

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Need a chair? Easy. Just flip a 5 gallon bucket upside down and park yourself on top.

It’ll support your weight, but it won’t feel nice. Buckets in the raw weren’t designed to be sat on comfortably, they were designed to be practically indestructible. Buckets have a lot of plastic ridges and seams which like to dig into your butt. It’s fine if you’re just sitting down for a few minutes, but increasingly painful the longer you sit on one.

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Not only does an ottoman make sitting in an easy chair even more comfortable than it already is, but there’s some evidence to suggest that straightening out your body by using an ottoman may actually be better for your health than just sitting regularly.

We should probably start off with some of the beautiful bucket ottomans from around the web before I depress you with my own attempt. But part of living the bucket lifestyle is function before form, after all. Way before form, sometimes.

bucket ottomans

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