How I Turned my Blog into a Business

  1. Keyword Based Blogging
  2. Turning Traffic into Income
  3. Evergreen Content

Tools Used:

Top 3 most popular Programs to Earn Money:

  • Commission Junction
  • Amazon Affiliates
  • Google Adsense

Or try to list your ad slots for direct sales to advertisers. Only bother with direct sales if you have at least 50k monthly pageviews.

Don’t get Adsense and Adwords mixed up! Adwords is where you pay Google money to advertise your business. Adsense is where Google pays you to run its ads on your website. You still need an Adwords account so you can use the keyword research tool.

Remember: Write Evergreen Content!

  • Example of evergreen content: “How to Tie your Shoes”
  • Non-evergreen content: “Vancouver 2010 Olympics” – no one cares about it anymore!

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