Lining with Newspaper

There are a few times when I like to line my buckets with newspaper:

  • When using it for a compost bucket
  • When storing sharp things that can scratch the insides
  • When harvesting food
You only need 3 sheets of newspaper to line a bucket, but the order you put them in makes a big difference.
Step 1: Nest 2 sheets together along the side of the bucket interior.

Step 2: Push a fully folded sheet carefully down to the bottom, allowing the corners to fold up, locking the sides in place.

This method works so well that you can turn the bucket upside-down and shake it, and the newspaper will not fall out!

Tip: I use broadsheet sized newspaper in this example, but when I can get my hands on tabloid-sized newspaper, I prefer to use its taller size for the sides, while using the broadsheet for the bottom only.

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