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Do you remember cup stacking? It exploded from zero to phenomena around the same time as Pokemon cards. This is one of the fastest “Stackers” in the world. The speed is unbelievable.

5 gallon stacking cupsRecently the guys who manufacture these cups launched a jumbo version. It’s the 5 gallon bucket of the cup stacking scene.

These things aren’t cheap. Getting into jumbo stacking will inflict $120 worth of pain.  That works out to $3.35 per bucket, pretty expensive considering they’ve got holes in the bottom which make them useless for most of the ideas on this website.

Compared to the lightning speed you watched above, watching people jumbo stacking is like watching someone try to run through water. Slow, awkward and jerky. It looks like much more of a workout though.

I hope we get more five gallon fads in the future!

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