Plant Carrier

We’re kicking off this year’s growing season with some five gallon plant ideas.

I’m not a seed wizard so I have to buy miniature versions of my plants and try to keep them alive as they grow bigger. The first challenge in their new lives is to survive the trip home on the bike. Fortunately for these assorted kitchen herbs, I’m well stocked with hard-walled buckets perfectly suited for protecting them from getting squashed to death.


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Recycling Bin

If you’ve ever had problems with recycle bin thieves, or just don’t have the room to keep one, it can be smart to use instead a fabulous free 5 gallon bucket or two. Just make sure that when you leave your bucket recycling bin at the curb your friendly pickup people don’t throw the bin in with everything else! recycling-bin Continue reading

Hand Cart

A full 5 gallon bucket weighs 40 pounds. Sometimes that’s too much to carry on foot. Fortunately, there’s a bucket invention for every problem you can think of.

hand cart

This is the 5 gallon bucket hand cart. It turns any 5 gallon bucket into a mobile cargo hauler with a convenient tow bar.

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