Tazo Tea & Tic-Tac Spice Containers

A recent post on Lifehacker shows spices being organized in old tic-tac containers. It’s a fantastic reuse of little containers, and comes in handy when traveling.


But tic-tac containers suffer from a quantity problem. If you do cooking in any kind of quantity, you’ll exhaust the spice very quickly and end up having to refill them constantly.

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1 Minute Bread Machine Recipe

The moment we got our first bread machine was the moment my life changed forever.

Bread machines perform 21st century alchemy. Just stick about 50 cents worth of ingredients into it, go away for a few hours, and BOOM! A 5 dollar loaf of hot fresh bread is waiting for you. Thanks Taran from Dollar Eater for finding the per-loaf cost for us.


However! Bread machines have one major flaw – few people know how to use them to make adequate bread. Getting our first bread machine to make good bread was an exercise in frustration and dismay. For months we tried recipe after recipe, always ending up with the same thing – a burnt brick of rock-hard particle board.

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