Starter Cord Repair

Remember that broken plastic bucket handle from yesterday? We already found a great new use for it.


Things break around the farm. They break a lot. If we had to go hire a repair guy or buy new parts every time something broke, repair costs would eat up all the egg money!

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Cutting Open a 55 Gallon Drum

Recently we decided to brew up a batch of nettle tea, which is a good high-nitrogen fertilizer. It’s something we can make free since nettles grow so prolifically here.

Normally of course we’d use a 5 gallon bucket to make the tea, but we needed a large batch to use on a large growing area.

We have a bunch of these 55 gallon drums which we bought 2nd hand from a pickling operation for 20$ each. But 55 gallon drums only have a small spout where we wanted an open top like a 5 gallon bucket would have. So it was time to do a bit of surgery.

blue 55 gallon drum

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1 Minute Wine Recipe

Most wine making guides really over-think the wine making process. They tell you to buy all kinds of equipment and additives that you don’t really need.

This tutorial is about stripping wine making down to the absolute bare minimum. It’s so simple that you can get going with just 5$ in equipment, and start a batch of wine in under a minute.

See Also: The 1:30 video version. (link opens in a new tab)


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Unstick Stuck Buckets!

If you’ve ever made a nice tall bucket stack like i have on the free 5 gallon buckets article, you’ve probably had the misfortune of sticking buckets together so tightly that you couldn’t pry them apart.

stuck plastic 5 gallon buckets

Wow. What’s with that terrible artwork?

Well, I don’t have any photos for this article, so I’ve drawn some for you instead.

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iPhone Tripod

It’s great that these new smart phones can take such incredible video, audio and pictures. In the past it took tens of thousands of dollars in equipment to produce the video quality that today is available to anyone with pants pockets and a cellular plan.

But I’ve always found taking video frustrating because that incredible camera is trapped within an awkward little wafer that can’t be mounted on any tripod that I’m aware of.

So I’ve taken the ultra-thin design that Steve Jobs spent half his life working toward and made it huge and clunky again!

mason jar tripod

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