The City of Buckets

This is Novo Mesto in Slovenia, nicknamed “The City of Buckets.”

city of bucketsiron age situlaMore accurately, it’s called the “City of Situlas.” “situla” is just ancient latin for bucket. The english word “bucket” appeared around the 13th century to describe the prehistoric inventions we talk about here on this website.

Novo Mosto gets the honor of the name “City of Situlas” because more bucket artifacts are unearthed from here than anywhere else in the world. Many date back to the early iron age.

It’s interesting that buckets were one of the first things we made once we figured out how to bend metal.

starteimer chinese bucket carrier
Situlas were made with extreme care, and were probably one of the most precious possessions these ancient people owned.  Peoples all over the ancient world made them, usually out of glass or metal . Those that survive to this day are still priceless relics.

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