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Although summer is only a few weeks old, there’s an area just inside our front door that’s starting to collect summer shoes.


They didn’t arrive all at once, they slowly started accumulating a few weeks ago, and the pile grew slowly enough that we really didn’t notice until all of a sudden we were wading through shoes every time we went out to check the mail.

Clearly something had to be done.


As with every problem, the problem of shoe clutter has a five gallon solution. I found out that when it comes to summer shoes you can fit at least 8 pairs in a single bucket.

And look, now there’s enough room to walk!


If I had more of this size bucket, and lids to go along with them, we could just keep stacking.

In fact we could have 2 different buckets for the 2 different seasons in northern Alberta – Subzero and Mosquito.


Speaking of Subzero — It’s already July, so it’s coming up real quick for us here. In just over 2 months, the snow will start falling and it won’t melt again until May.


A bucket shoe rack is a brilliant way to keep muddy meltwater off the linoleum. Boots are bigger than flip flops, so we’ll use a full-size 5 gallon bucket and leave our snowy boots in there where the snow can melt safely into the base of the bucket. No more mopping!

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  1. for shoes you could use the chicken coop nesting boxes just like that turn them sideways line up 5 or 6 screw them into wall shoe rack

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