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Have you used a bucket to solve a problem? We’d love to see it!

Buckets under my definition can be as small as yogurt containers and as large as a steel 55-gallon drum. I’d love to see more uses for 18-gallon rubbermaids, I don’t have any myself which is why you don’t see more here.

Any of our readers are free to submit their five gallon inventions to [email protected].

If your idea is new and unique, it could be featured on this website, with credit given to you.



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    • Hi Simon,

      Thanks for bringing this to my attention. I recently moved this website to a new host, and forgot to set up a new mail forwarder. It should work now.


  1. Hello,
    My name is John Carroll and I’m from Durham, NC. I am the proud owner of about 150 4.5-gal and 5-gal buckets. I use them for all manner of operations for my one-man construction business. I also use them for my hobby, which is converting my crawlspace into a basement. My friend, Bill Phillips, made a video of this project, which can be viewed here:

  2. Invasive plants (example: bamboo) can be prevented from spreading by planting in a bucket and burying the bucket so it’s rim is slightly above ground. Provide drain holes and appropriate soil.

  3. When planting a tree seedling, especially bare root, it’s important to keep them uniformly watered. A 5GB is a perfect solution to watering slowly, gently, and without the water running off away from where you want it. Drill 5 1/8″ holes in the bottom of the bucket, as low as possible. Remove any drill debris so as not to clog the holes. Fill the bucket with water, carry it to where it is needed, and the water will gently jet out the holes and water the tree, or whatever you want watered. I like to take a marker and make small diagonal lines across the top lip of the bucket so they are readily visible. That way, I know that particular bucket is for one specific use.

  4. I’m surprised there is no listing for a “black soldier fly composter”. search Youtube for “5 gallon bucket black soldier fly”.

  5. Can someone tell me what I might do to revive my 1-minute wine? It is about halfway through fermentation and it stopped bubbling. The temp.
    has remained about 80 and it was started 8 days ago. The yeast was purchased at a wine and brew shop; they said it is champagne yeast.
    Lalvin EC-1118. Thanks!
    (I tasted the juice/wine and it is sickeningly sweet)

    • I have found a bucket separator. Check it out on youtube. “The bucket handle retainer” You will be amazed

  6. Hello, what if i have an invention that requires a bucket with a change to the design on the bottom of the bucket,would you be interested in working with me to get the bucket design changed to fit my invention,i have drawings of the bucket ,dimensions,along with a prototype of the invention, I am having problems finding a company that will discuss the design change because of the cost,i would appreciate any suggestions.(also the bucket is 3.5 gallon) not 5 gallon.if anyone has suggestions please post.Thanks

  7. Cloths Washer: Fill bucket 1/2-2/3 full with dirty clothes. Toss in 1/2 lid laundry soap. Fill with water, (HOT works best with whites), let soak for an hour or so. Use a plunger, and plunge clothes in water for 10-15 minutes. Drain or transfer clothes to another bucket, fill with cold water and 1/2 capful of softener, plunge again for about 5 minutes, drain and rinse again if necessary. Hang out to dry.

  8. Been an electrician and contractor for over 53 years, left over wire and short lengths of spooled cable/ wire can be stored in 5 Gal.
    bucket, neat, be kept clean and dry. Copper wire and cable is expensive today, and those short lengths come in handy if you need them. I put a bottle of wiring pulling lubricant in the middle, that way I always know where it is located. Cable pullers (round) fit in there also.

  9. I have finally solved the worst problem known to any bucket owner.
    No longer will those previously used buckets stick together! Not only that, but now make them stackable. I have a working prototype and a “patent pending status” would anyone be interested in learning more?

  10. I have a invention that I have been throwing around in my head and I also made a working prototype. I have used it many times and have made many adjustments to prefect it. I am ready to manufacture and produce a product for many types of consumers. this idea will help make many jobs easier and make work less painful. I am the inventor and if I cant get a bucket company to make the product I will then just make it my self and sell to the consumer. please let me know if you can help. this invention is a easy one and will work great with 5 gallon buckets and latter we can make it for many other sizes. lets talk thank you for your time.

  11. In trucking I have always had a number of 20 foot chains in use. To store them between uses I drop one chain into the bottom of the 5 gal bucket but I hang one hook-end onto the edge of the bucket. Then I repeat the process until all chains are stowed.
    Now, when I need a chain, the end of the top chain is easily found on the bucket rim. Same for the next, and the next, etc.
    WARNING: Place the bucket in its final position… you won’t move it easily when the bucket is full of chains. Also, poke in a few drain holes so wet chains don’t fill the bottom of the bucket with water over time. Issues: Yuck, rust and freezing. If they freeze, you can’t use the chains until spring time. ;+(

  12. I am a inventor .Enough said.I have a new (very usefull) idea for new bucket design. It will be used worldwide.
    Please contact me best by phone
    Or e-mail
    This is a confidentially required request.
    Sean Denny

  13. I have a great plan for a bucket and have summited a provisional patent, was wondering if it possible to get a patent if you start with a 5 gal bucket as your basis for a idea.

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