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Fishermen or hunters will keep strategically hidden supply caches so they don’t have to carry as much on their way in. A military might use larger supply caches for similar reasons. A new group of people called “preppers” may use a supply cache in conjunction with a “bug out location” to allow them an option to wait out an economic or natural disaster.

I have a supply cache for gardening tools in my square foot garden, which is in a back yard a few miles from where I live. I would never remember to bring everything I need with me every time, so I keep some twine, a knife, a spade and a clippers on site, hidden away in one of the garden pixels.

As you can see, it’s impossible to tell I have hidden something underneath my mulch layer. The tools and supplies stay dry since my supply bucket has a tight-fitting lid and an impermeable plastic surface. It takes about five seconds to get at my tools, much quicker than walking across the yard and unlocking a tool shed!

I think this technique would be useful to allotment gardeners, or even guerrilla gardeners using forgotten spaces and boulevards.

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