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The beach bucket is the most nostalgic of all bucket varieties. As kids, it’s likely that these colored containers were our first ever bucket experience. These pint-sized pails usually measure in at a gallon or less, but they’re perfectly scaled to the children using them.

painted beach buckets

Beach Buckets Mean Summertime

It’s May 6 2013 and the weather is amazing throughout the entire northern hemisphere. It’s perfect beach weather so now’s when beach buckets are making their appearance on sandy stretches across the world.

If you live on the coast you can’t walk down the road without tripping over them for sale in front of every dollar store.

It may surprise you coastal dwellers that out here in the landlocked prairies people still rush to the beach on days like today. They drive for hours to pack themselves around lakes and reservoirs on the weekends. You can even spot a beach bucket here and there.


Many newer beach buckets are shaped to form an automatic zero-effort sand castle. It’s a neat idea but it takes the fun out of building sand castles!

And it makes the pail less useful for the rest of the year…

Beach Buckets on the Off Season

Of course at Five Gallon Ideas, no item gets away with having one utility.

Stuff them full of food and they double as a lunch box.

Or mount them on a bicycle for a quirky bike basket.

beach bucket lunch

If you’re using the galvanized metal buckets we recognize below, the potential uses grow exponentially. Instead of listing them here, just check out the 100+ uses we’ve got in the sidebar!

Where to Buy Beach Buckets

beach-bucketsUnfortunately beach buckets are typically very low quality, only designed to last for a couple uses before the bottom shatters or the handle snaps.

So for a bucket that lasts longer than a single summer, go with pails from German toy company Spielstabil.

Or do one better and pick up a galvanized metal bucket instead. They’re a couple bucks more and are not painted pretty colors, but they’ve got almost as many uses as the 5 gallon bucket this site was built for.

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