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reclaimed square bucket
Most buckets are round, but not every problem requires a cylindrical solution! In many cases, square buckets work better.

Since our buildings are by and large squares or rectangles, I theorize that square buckets are better for use indoors. When was the last time you looked in a commercial kitchen and saw round buckets filling their shelves?

Advantages of Square Buckets

  • Square buckets are more space efficient.
  • Square buckets won’t roll around when on their sides.
  • You can stack multiple square buckets on their sides, one on top of the other.
  • Their flat surfaces are easier to paint or draw on.
  • Flat surfaces make a bucket easier to mount onto something else, such as a bike.
  • A square bucket can always contain its own lid, unlike a round bucket.

square bucket bike pannier

Disadvantages of Square Buckets

  • The standard square bucket is actually slightly smaller than 5 gallons, usually measuring in at about 4 gallons.
  • Square buckets don’t seem to be as sturdy as 5 gallon buckets. They’re made with thinner plastic and the corners tend to be their weak points.
  • Square buckets are much harder to find in the wild. For that reason they should be used more sparingly.

Where to get Square Buckets

square buckets in stackI get free square buckets almost exclusively from delis and bakeries. More specifically from the recycling bins behind delis and bakeries. As I’ve mentioned above, square buckets are more space efficient so they’re better designed for use indoors.In retail, space is money and every cubic inch not wasted contributes its own tiny bit to the bottom line.

Just look at how comfortably these square buckets are fitting into an indoor warehouse environment. Round buckets would really look out of place here wouldn’t they?

square buckets in warehouse

When kitty litter comes in buckets, it usually comes in square buckets. You’ll also find some laundry or dishwasher detergents packaged in squares. As long as you’re not using it for food, you can re-purpose these buckets.

Uses for Square Buckets

Here are some past articles where square buckets are used because they work better than round.

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2 thoughts on “Square Buckets

  1. Square buckets make great laying nest for chickens. They are easy to clean and disinfect. I need three for my 12 chickens.

  2. i’m looking for minimum order 10,000.00 of the following description
    ( volume to rim: 12,90 l handle type: handle dimensions: +/- 1 mm
    weight: 360,0 g handle weight: 20 g volume/weight: +/- 5 %
    weight group: Heavy
    dimensions remark
    D1: 287,0 x 248,0 mm
    D2: 270,0 x 230,0 mm
    D3: 247,2 x 207,2 mm
    H: 242,0 mm
    Digital IML Offset
    height: 170,0 mm 214,9 mm 170,0 mm
    width: 870,0 mm 878,5 mm 855,0 mm
    median breadth: 870,0 mm
    FDETQ 105
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    volume: 12,90 l
    D1: 282,0 x 242,0 mm
    offset: 0,0 mm
    IML: 250,0 x 210,0 mm
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    two fold: 491,8 mm
    further: 242,8 mm
    DETQ 105
    weight: 76,0 g
    volume: 11,90 l
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    two fold: 468,0 mm
    further: 226,0 mm
    logistic information material
    QM / certificates
    Max. compression for standard lid at 20°C on the lowest pail: 45,00 kg
    EUP (Europallet)
    80 cm (31,5´´) x 120 cm (47,24´´)
    thank you

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