5 Gallon Bucket Portable Shower

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Did you know you can build a shower out of a five gallon bucket? Well, now you do. There are many different methods to go about this. You could of course simply stick little holes in the bottom of your bucket for a very low-tech method, but we’ll show you a better method after the jump.

The bucket-shower you see above was designed by KGB survivalist, who explains how to build this shower step by step in his video embedded below.

Using a standard five gallon bucket, a valve and some additional equipment he manages to build quite a nice shower. If this looks like too much work for you however, we have a better solution: A portable shower! This shower is battery powered and merely has to be stuck in a source of clean water to spray your body.

dog shower battery powered portable shower

Worth mentioning is that the battery-powered shower is very easy to recharge. Its USB Charge allows you to simply charge it in your car or using a laptop, making it very useful when you go out traveling somewhere. It’s also a good idea to take with you when you go camping, in addition to the other great suggestions we have for supplies to take with you when you go camping.

How to get Warm water

Taking a shower with cold water is of course not ideal, you’ll get bored of that pretty quickly. Ideal would be to have a way to heat water on the spot. You could simply gather some firewood and boil it on a camp stove of course, but there are other viable methods too. We explain some simple low-cost solutions to heating water in our solar hot water heater article.

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1 thought on “5 Gallon Bucket Portable Shower

  1. a piece of clear tubing with a valve near one end
    a rigid piece of tubing the size of the hole in the tap on the other
    a five gallon home brew bucket with tap hole and a tap
    a shower head
    a piece of rope
    one screw diver ( flat headed)

    Fill the bucket with the crap you usually take camping
    and an old backpack frame can be used to carry it
    two birds with one stone
    the bucket is a water proof container for survival gear
    To use
    empty all the shit in the bucket out
    when you need a shower
    use the rope over a tree branch to hold the bucket
    undo cap plug with screw driver
    insert shower head into tubing
    attach tubing to bucket with
    ins rt into
    fill the bucket with water
    hoist it up
    wash the crap of your body
    boil water on a container andad to water in bucket for a warm shower
    I have used this system for years
    I place bucket onto of my ute
    have a wash
    make love to my wife

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