DIY Emergency Kit

With regular large scale disasters already common in North America, it’s a good time to talk a bit about disaster preparation and how a 5 gallon bucket can help provide some good physical insurance against a catastrophic situation.

diy bucket emergency disaster kit

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A well designed emergency kit will contain the best bits of modern technology and healthcare. IT should be designed to secure you in a variety of disaster scenarios, while remaining portable enough to take with you if you need to evacuate.

Since this is a website about buckets, we are designing a sample kit that fits neatly in a 5 gallon bucket. You could also use a backpack, but you won’t get the benefit of an airtight, waterproof seal. Continue reading

5 Gallon Buckets: the Ultimate Airtight Storage Containers

I challenge you to think of a better airtight storage container than a 5 gallon bucket. They are the perfect size for nearly anything that needs to be stored secure from oxygen and moisture.

airtight storage containers

If a container is airtight, it’s also watertight. That’s a key factor because water is often more damaging than air. Too much moisture causes mold for instance, which ruins more than just food! I’ve seen a sleeping bag completely ruined by mold. Properly stored in an airtight 5 gallon bucket, that expensive sub 0 sleeping bag may still be usable today.

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Food Grade Buckets

HDPE plastic recycle symbol 2

Want to know if your buckets are food grade? Checking is easy, just find the recycling symbol and cross reference with this article.

The best food grade buckets are HDPE, symbol #2. HDPE represents high-density polyethylene. The molecules of HDPE are more tightly packed and stable than other food grade plastics, meaning less plastic can leach into your precious food stores. HDPE also builds a better bucket since it’s a very sturdy type of plastic.

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Wheat Grass Farm

Wheat grass blasted into popularity on the claim that it packs “23 servings of vegetables” into a single swig. While the sky high claim is almost certainly greatly exaggerated, it’s still praised by alternative health gurus.

wheat grass farm

Folks don’t actually eat the wheat grass itself – it’s meant to be juiced then swallowed. I’ve had wheat grass juice a few times and it reminds me of green cough syrup, with a similar consistency and just as strong a smell.

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