5 Gallon Buckets: the Ultimate Airtight Storage Containers

I challenge you to think of a better airtight storage container than a 5 gallon bucket. They are the perfect size for nearly anything that needs to be stored secure from oxygen and moisture.

airtight storage containers

If a container is airtight, it’s also watertight. That’s a key factor because water is often more damaging than air. Too much moisture causes mold for instance, which ruins more than just food! I’ve seen a¬†sleeping bag¬†completely ruined by mold. Properly stored in an airtight 5 gallon bucket, that expensive sub 0 sleeping bag may still be usable today.

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Ash Bucket

Few people still heat with wood, but it’s still a very economical way to warm a building, especially with highly efficient fireplace inserts or new clean-burning technologies such as the rocket stove.

The most popular way to deal with excess of fireplace ash is in a nice sturdy metal ash bucket next have next to your fire area. Just make sure you never confuse your cremation urns with your ash buckets!


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The “BucketPack”

Bucket backpack

A good bucket-compatible backpack is surprisingly hard to find. The “bucketpack” pictured above is from HuntGear.net, but does not seem to be available for purchase.

Why Bucket Backpacks are a Thing

People look for bucket backpacks when they want to carry materials such as rocks, soil, sharp objects – or even liquids. The inner bucket layer can get scratched, dirty and nasty while the backpack itself remains in good condition.

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