Bucket Wrench

sealed bucket lidIf you’ve ever spent several minutes wrestling with a well sealed snap lid you may have experienced what I call “bucket fingers.

There’s actually a trick to opening a bucket lid. Pull out on the lip rather than up. But some lids are so stubborn that even this secret pro bucket-wrangler technique isn’t enough.

Prior to using a bucket wrench, I used to get such bad bucket fingers that for a while I’d lose the feeling in my finger tips!

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Trash Can

Quick confession: since I live in Canada, nothing’s actually labelled as “5 gallons.” Also, the rumors you’ve heard about Canada are true – everything is in french.5 gallon trash bags

5 gallon trash can FAIL

I’ve gone my entire life without ever having an opinion about trash cans until now. We purchased this fancy-pants 5 gallon garbage can (don’t ask me why) and 50 5 gallon garbage bags. And this is what happened.

The bags don’t fit the can! Both are rated at exactly 21 liters so what’s going on!? Well it turns out you need to buy 8 gallon bags for this “5 gallon can.”

This isn’t the only problem we had with this 20$ can – which cost 20$ too much by the way. Since it’s wider on top than on bottom, every time we closed the door it fell over and spilled garbage all over the area underneath our sink. Thanks for that, Rubbermaid. Continue reading

Square Buckets

reclaimed square bucket
Most buckets are round, but not every problem requires a cylindrical solution! In many cases, square buckets work better.

Since our buildings are by and large squares or rectangles, I theorize that square buckets are better for use indoors. When was the last time you looked in a commercial kitchen and saw round buckets filling their shelves?

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Float Valve

 Looking to get float valves shipped to your door? Jump to the bottom of the article for our recommendations.

Have you seen “the most useless machine in the world?”

When you turn it on, a little arm pops out to turn itself off again. It’s the funniest feat of human engineering so far.

But not all devices that exist to switch themselves off are “useless.” A float valve is one great example.

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