Float Valve

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Have you seen “the most useless machine in the world?”

When you turn it on, a little arm pops out to turn itself off again. It’s the funniest feat of human engineering so far.

But not all devices that exist to switch themselves off are “useless.” A float valve is one great example.

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Metal Buckets

metal 5 gallon bucketSometimes, a plastic bucket just doesn’t cut the salami. That’s when you have to recruit the only material stronger, tougher and more versatile – steel.

Metal 5 gallon buckets are much harder to find than standard plastic ones. They’re also more expensive. Metal has been replaced with plastic in most applications. The only exceptions I can find are paints, industrial lubricants and other similar heavy industrial applications. Continue reading

5 Gallon Bucket Dimensions

dimensions 5 gallon bucketThe most common questions I get asked about 5 gallon buckets are regarding their dimensions. I’m hesitant to answer questions on the dimensions of a 5 gallon bucket because it will vary between models, sometimes significantly.

So this article is an attempt to catalog the most popular 5 gallon buckets in use today, along with their weights, measurements, capacities and anything else relevant. I’ll also be linking to the manufacturers’ specification sheets where available so you can delve much deeper into bucket statistics. Continue reading

Hydroelectric Generator

This is by far the most technically advanced innovation I’ve found for a five gallon bucket so far. Sam Redfield developed this design to provide a source of electricity that can be built cheap and hooked up to any source of flowing water – including irrigation systems, creeks and streams, or even sewage systems.

If you are very mechanically capable, you can download the full 35 page design manual and attempt to build your own five gallon hydroelectric power plant.

The following video shows some of the assembly, as well as the generator in action.