DIY Bed Frame

Most people don’t know the most important service a bed frame provides.

A bed frame raises the mattress off the ground to dry out all the sweat you eject into your mattress each night.  If this moisture builds up too much over time your mattress can turn into a perfect new world for colonies of mold and mildew.

But like most things, bed frames are overpriced. I once saw a solid wood bed frame for over $1000! If you want a bed frame for less than 40$ with the added bonus of having more storage space then you’ll ever need, build it with 5 gallon buckets!

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Mini Greenhouse

Every notice that English has too many words? Take greenhouse for example – A greenhouse is just a fancy term for a box, made of glass or plastic, that allows sunlight through, and keeps heat in and wind out.

Once you boil it down like that, you’ll realize that you’ve got all kinds of thing kicking around that can be rigged into greenhouses.

And it’s high time that we discuss bucket greenhouses. These bucket greenhouses are sheltering seedlings through those delicate first few weeks of plant growth.

mini greenhouse growth phases
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Catching Grey Water in a 5 Gallon Bucket

5 gallon bucket sink

If like me you’ve ever wished that all that precious water didn’t just escape down the drain, you could try replacing your plumbing with a 5 gallon bucket!

This outdoor sink is made with some scrap wood and an old enamel kitchen sink and faucet.

Once the bucket is full, it’s splashed onto the garden, the lawn, into the radiator, wherever it’s needed.

By the way, 5 gallons in a lot of water. It’s exactly enough to take a thorough shower.

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