Five Gallon Ideas Top 25

In celebration of 12 months online here’s a list of the 25 most read posts of all time on Five Gallon Ideas.

  1. 5-gallon-toilet-stoolToilet Stool
    Probably the greatest service I’ve done for humanity is evangelizing proper pooping to tens of thousands via this website. I’m thrilled that this is the most popular post here.
  2. bucket mouse trap with rampMouse Trap
    Mice are still obviously a problem in the 21st century. You’ve heard “build a better mouse trap,” well this is the best mouse trap humanity’s come up with so far, other than a cat.
  3. hydroelectric-powerHydroelectric Generator
    Power to run your lights and cell phones from a 5 gallon bucket. It sounds insane until you see the detailed 26-page manual.
  4. 5 gallon bucket desktopComputer Cable Management
    Tutorial on how I built my 5 gallon bucket computer. Only one like it in the world, and it’s a fine piece of equipment too.
  5. five gallon bucket washing machineWashing Machine
    Easy washing machine made with a 5 gallon bucket and a plunger. I’ll be sticking with my energy-hungry top loader for the time being, but it’s nice to know that a bucket can do just as good a job with a lot more elbow grease.
  6. chicken nesting boxes gridChicken Nesting Boxes
    To make these, just kick a 5 gallon bucket over on its side. Really it’s that easy! Chickens of any size are more than happy to pop eggs out for you in these.
  7. potatoes-grown-in-bucketsPotato Farm
    Growing potatoes in 5 gallon buckets was Mel Bartholomew’s idea. Thanks Mel! Just don’t you forget to drill holes in the bottom or you’ll end up just like some of our readers with nothing but mush!
  8. oyster-mushrooms-5-gal-bucketMushroom Farm
    Or as I like to call it, the “automatic bacon maker.” Enough salt and grease and anything will taste like bacon, especially toasted mushrooms.
  9. five gallon bucket deskComputer Desk
    Or a desk for anything else, really. We did our wedding invitations on a bucket desk too.
  10. five gallon bucket chicken watererChicken Waterer
    Keep those birds hydrated! This 5 gallon bucket waterer is bigger, cheaper, and cleaner than the metal feeders most people use.
  11. Chicken Feeder
  12. Aquaponics System
  13. Water Filtration System
  14. Refrigerator
  15. Rocket Stove
  16. Farming with Buckets
  17. Fence or Wall
  18. Portable Cooler
  19. Hand Cart
  20. 5 Gallon Bucket Dimensions
  21. Bike Panniers
  22. Strawberry Farm
  23. Composting Toilet
  24. Wine or Cider Press
  25. Bathtub

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